Kyfio means “Keep your Fab Ideas Original” or “Keep Your F*cking Ideas Original”.  Whichever you prefer.

Millions of ideas are waiting to be developed, don’t you want to grow one?  Kyfio UG shares ideas and brainstorms with other creatives to help their ideas root, sprout and flourish. We believe in the synergy of working with other creatives to create a healthy artistic scene both in Bavaria, Germany and around the world.

When we are not sharing, shaping or planting ideas, we are cultivating the following:


With our Munich Artists project, we created a regional brand to promote products and increase creativity globally. We chose to develop our pilot city in Munich because we live in the city and wanted to make something special for the artists living in the region.

Kyfio UG offers artists a place to network with other artists in their genre, showcase their talents through commercial products, collaborations, art projects, and events and provide a pool of creatives that we can tap for designs work and artistic projects/collaborations.

Since our inception, showed original artwork online, shared information about artists through social media and brought art offline through the Friday Gallery.  Although we are now ready to start creating product, we will continue to advocate for regional artists on the Munich Artists website and through the choice of products we share with the public.

BCA (Big City Artists)

BCA is our original project idea and Munich Artists is the test city for BCA. Through Munich Artists, we’ve learned how to tap into the creative networks of our city and promote the zeitgeist of Bavaria, Germany.  Each BCA city will focus on their region and will have their own product lines.

To be included in our BCA Munich list of artists/designers, you must live within 100 miles of Munich and your artwork/products must be created/manufactured in Europe. We are having our first event to gather the artists together en Masse on April 23, 2016 at Quiddestr. 45, Munich Germany.  Information on this event can be found on the Munich Artists website.

If you are an artist/designer in another city and want to help Kyfio start a BCA in your area, please email It is a lot of work but also lots of fun… but alot of work.

Minga Maus

This started as a story idea but it evolved into a product line. In Munich, Germany there are these little mice that run around the subway tracks. These little brown mice are the inspiration for Minga Maus. This line of products are for children and the young of heart. The logo is a mouse.  We are prototyping products for this brand now.

Munich Art Books

Munich Artists love books.  Munich Artists love to be in Books.  Emmy Horstkamp loves books.  Emmy Horstkamp decided to make Munich Art Books.   The books are not fine art books.  The books are actually participatory art books where Munich Artists create pages for you to colour and manipulate into a finished art piece.   We do have a set of books which will be Fine Art Books but they will be sold under BCA Munich (Whenever the artists finish them.. they are fine art books without boring deadlines or Emmy hounding artists to get work done.)


A box. My current favourite idea but I will not write anything about this until it is launched.  It works along with Munich Art Books, Minga Maus, BCA Munich and Munich Artists, and whatever else I find in the months to come or websites we develop.

If you are in Munich, please feel free to contact me. I’m located at Frauenstrasse 18 from 1000 until 1500 except on days I’m visiting art events or working on installations/collaborations.